“High end Travel Sought
by the Global Elites”

2019 Kodansha

It is often said that the quality of a person’s life is directionally proportional to the distance they have travelled and that the more high-quality experiences we have, the more we enrich our lives. This book systematically organises what the wealthy demographic insists on and what they value in terms of travel for self-edification and makes broad recommendations for the inbound policies that Japan should adopt together with concrete proposals for the tourism industry. This book examines the essence of the high end business, from how global leaders can realise their dreams, to creating luck in one’s life, and how to elevate one’s aesthetic sense.

Inner Thoughts, Elegant Pursuits

2006 Fusosha

Brimming with the unconventionality and spontaneity of the author’s viewpoint, this collection of essays provides hints and inspirations for a truly bountiful and rewarding lifestyle, inspired by her transition from wearing a mini skirt to a kimono, and from being a TV news reporter to the wife of a tea grandmaster. Each 2-page spread depicts fascinating people and ways of living that the author has encountered both in Japan and around the world throughout the process of studying, working, falling in love, marrying, and becoming a homemaker. Full of humour and dignity, these essays leave a refreshing and bittersweet aftertaste, much like that of a bowl of matcha.