Why is High end Branding needed?

High end branding meets various needs including: reaching new customer segments,
creating new value and raising level of service.
We produce and support companies and organisations with such intentions to access the high end market.

What is the Purpose of High end Branding?

What is the Purpose of High end Branding

What to expect from High end Branding?

What to expect from High end Branding?

Examples of our Service

1. Consulting for corporations

Full-year advisory services to elevate the brand value of your business.
ex: monthly discussion and meeting for the development of high end services,
high end lifestyle study sessions for employees several times a year, etc.

2. Event Planning/Direction

Planning and running of various events to boost your high end business, including special functions and parties.
ex: launch parties and events for new concepts and products, salon events for customers, etc.

3. Sharing information regarding high end lifestyles

Helping businesses to transmit important information, from website design to organizing talk events.

4. Educational Programmes

In collaboration with amana holdings inc., we organise and run exclusive residential events and workshops (both online and offline) that are tailored to the needs of clients and employees. (10–200 capacity)

5. Programmes to cultivate future leaders

Provision of hands-on experience programmes designed to enrich and culturally refine future global leaders, including next-generation successors to family businesses.

*a 30-minute "initial session" (online) is set for the first consultation



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