High end is a profound experience where one feels a genuine sense of internal edification.
A spatiotemporal experience that money can’t buy, the high end experience is realised through encounters with people, objects and things that enhance the viewpoint and sharpen the senses.
People these days, particularly Generation Z, are looking for consumption with “meaning”. Wanting to use their money to help bring about a better society, they identify with services and products that provide this feeling of fullness and high social impact.

To enhance services and products in this manner, Urban Cabin Institute provides “high end branding” to governmental organisations, brand companies and family business enterprises.
The current era calls for sophisticated and high-quality messaging that traverses the domains of art, architecture, fashion, design, cuisine, innovation, and wellness.
High end services provide the sum of these parts, namely a “customer experience with a definitive artistic streak” running through it. By interlocking, the three pillars of“value visualisation”,“ contents refinement” and “talent development”, Urban Cabin Institute creates high added value that is as suave as it is spontaneous.
We also provide liberal arts education to help nurture high-minded leaders of the future. Such talented people will surely be indispensable for employers and businesses in the global era.
Working in close conjunction with experts in each field, we enthusiastically produce a high-quality tailor-made marketing strategy and customer experience. By creating high-quality services and products oriented to the high end, we hope to drive the industry and enrich society.
In this VUCA era, we can assist in enhancing your company’s services, in bringing new added value, and in arousing interest among both the high end strata and among new demographics including Generation Z.

Rie Yamada

Company Information

Company Name Yamada Family Co.
Established December 25, 2015
CEO and Representative Director Nagamitsu Yamada
Description of Business

Through the operation of two brands, “Sohen Way of Tea” and “Urban Cabin Institute”,
we are engaged in the following businesses:

Providing highly refined and authentic cultural experiences
Projects to cultivate human resources capable of providing high-quality services
Succession and development of Sohen School of Tea
Contributing to the enhancement of Japanese culture


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